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About GOLD-i

GOLD-i was founded to care for Girls and Orphans living in Africa through various outreach programmes. For Every Outreach, We Take A Person Off the Streets.

In Europe, GOLD-i promotes positive behaviours through motivational seminars and workshops for children and adolescents in Primary and Secondary schools. Our outreach programmes include visiting various orphanages and homes with gift aids like food, books, pencils, clothing materials and promoting healthy mental health through various methods of counselling styles and sessions.

GOLD-i Charity also runs outreach programmes on behalf of anonymous donors who seek for a better future for the most vulnerable. Our special outreach programmes are specific to the sect of vulnerable community that each of our donors wish to support. We also distribute gift items on behalf of our donors. Please visit our web store to see some of the gift items that we can help our donors to donate to various communities.

In all our outreach programmes, we promote positive behaviours through motivational talks. Book GOLD-i for a Special Project or become a GOLD-i Donor See more

Founder and President

Gold C W Emmanuel (PhD; CPsychol)

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